Global wine meetings Taipei

April​ 19-20​ 2016
Grand Hyatt, Taipei Taiwan


A Golden Opportunity


A Golden Opportunity

Global Wine Meetings: a golden opportunity to build your company's presence in Asia

By Marie-Claude Veillette

For wine and spirits producers and exporters who would like to do business in Asian markets, attending Global Wine Meetings is a great way to get started. By bringing together importers and buyers from all across Asia, this exclusive industry event provides extensive networking opportunities, tasting sessions, product marketing forums and more, all with the goal of helping producers expand their businesses. With proper preparation and follow-up, an exhibitor can use an industry expo like GWM as a springboard into the world of wine and spirits exporting.

Where to start

If you are an individual seeking to exhibit at a gathering of wine and spirits professionals, it can be hard to know just how much to invest in a single event: travel costs, lodging, event fees and setup costs, translation services, product costs for tastings and samples – it can all add up to a substantial budget. That being said, if the event you are considering attending provides significant value in return for your investment, then it is certainly worth your time and effort to attend. By participating in the Global Wine Meetings VIP event, you benefit from a turnkey exposition that provides you with access to top wine and spirits importers from around Asia. Global Wine Meetings is organized and run by an experienced team with an extensive network of contacts in the industry; when you attend GWM as an exhibitor, you are provided with a fully-equipped tradeshow booth that ensures that you will get up close and personal with the most important buyers in the region.

Global Wine Meetings: an investment with significant returns

"The person who risks nothing, gains nothing," quotes Lindsay Watkin, Director of Sales for Global Wine and Spirits. Watkin has accompanied many wine producers in their journey to bring their products to the global market. "Some producers hesitate to participate in professional expos because they see only the expenses associated with attending, when they should be seeing it for what it is: an investment in the future of their business." The Global Wine Meetings event, taking place April 19-20, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan brings together professional wine and spirits buyers from Taiwan as well as 80 VIP buyers and importers from other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. All of these experienced industry professionals will be there to source new products from importers and producers from around the globe. "Global Wine Meetings is an opportunity for wine and spirits producers to meet important buyers and obtain the support necessary to succeed in Asian markets, while benefitting from an intimate setting that promotes communication between attendees. As an organizing party, we provide support before, during and after the event by facilitating follow-ups with importers who demonstrate interest in our producers' products," says Watkin.

Taiwan, a growing market

Since joining the World Trade Organization in 2002, Taiwan has enjoyed increased access to imported products from around the world. This has led to a spectacular increase in wine and spirits consumption by Taiwanese, who in general have sophisticated tastes and significant amounts of disposable income. Wines from Chile and Argentina, sold at low retail prices in Taiwan, are among the most popular wines among the population, while Italian, Spanish and French wines dominate the higher end of the market. Bordeaux, Bourgognes, Côtes-du-Rhône and Champagnes have proven to be favorites among Taiwanese consumers who are willing to pay more for a higher-quality product. The market for alcoholic beverages in Taiwan continues to grow: since 2010, consumption of wine in Taiwan has grown by an average of 8.6% annually, with consumption of spirits growing by an average of 8.8% annually during the same period.

Doing business with our team

For a newcomer, entering into the world of professional wine and spirits events can take a certain audacity. If you aren't comfortable taking the plunge by yourself, why not consider working directly with professionals who know the industry and can help you navigate the tradeshow landscape? The Global Wine and Spirits team has extensive experience in the industry and regularly accompany producers on-site at industry events to help connect them with importers and buyers. Join our team in Taipei, Taiwan, April 19-20 2016 and participate in Global Wine Meetings to benefit from an unparalleled opportunity to meet buyers from China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and elsewhere.



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