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Selling your wine in Taiwan


Selling your wine in Taiwan

Selling your wine in Taiwan: Expert tips and advice

By Marie-Claude Veillette

If you are a producer or exporter planning to enter the Asian wine and spirits market - whether through Taiwan or another country in the region – it is strongly advised that you first develop a strategic plan to work with local importers and distributors to build awareness about your brand and products. To ensure that your products are well-positioned in the market, it’s essential that you work closely with your business partners and adapt your products to the tastes and expectations of the region.

With that in mind, here are a few high-level tips to improve the visibility of your products and increase your chances for success in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia.

Pay attention to customers’ tastes

When it comes to the on-the-ground responsibilities of your local importer, it’s a good idea to work out a detailed marketing plan with them to be sure that your products will be correctly marketed to Taiwanese consumers. A wine that is well-presented, attractively packaged and endorsed by an expert sommelier will be easier to sell than wine that is cheaply packaged and presented poorly on store shelves. It is well worth the money to hire a professional designer to handle your package design; this initial investment can contribute greatly to future sales.

Translate your labels, packaging and promotional materials

The vast majority of Taiwanese do not speak a foreign language; therefore it is essential to speak to Taiwanese consumers in their native languages, either Mandarin or Taiwanese. Serious, professional producers shouldn’t hesitate to translate their web site, product labels, tasting notes and all promotional materials to ensure maximum comprehension and marketing reach.

Nurture and protect your brand online

Today, it is second nature for consumers to research products online and peruse product reviews to inform themselves about a brand’s reputation. Make sure to put effort into public relations and engage with journalists and bloggers, who will be able to help you build recognition of your brand through their existing networks. Tell the story of your brand and products, share beautiful images of your wines and your property and create engaging and informative videos about the production process with Mandarin or Taiwanese subtitles to give potential customers a genuine impression of what you have to offer.

Get - and stay - involved

Don’t let the importer do all the work. It is very important that you plan trips to Taiwan to educate and inspire the people who will be working on the ground on your behalf. Organize tasting events with wine sellers who will be stocking your products and other potential buyers, deliver your message with enthusiasm and be sure that your promotional material reflects this positive energy as well.

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