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10 things you need to know to succeed in the Taiwan wine market


10 things you need to know to succeed in the Taiwan wine market

By Marie-Claude Veillette

Taiwan has a particular cosmopolitan energy and today is more open to the world than ever before. This small island has an increasing number of wine aficionados, many of whom are young women.

In 2012, with all categories considered, Taiwanese people consumed the equivalent of 21 million bottles of wine, an increase of 38.2% over 2008. Looking ahead to 2017, wine consumption in Taiwan is projected to grow by 25.7%

Since 2010, consumption of wine in Taiwan has grown by 8.6% annually, while consumption of spirits has grown at a rate of 8.8% per year.

Here are 10 facts about wine consumption in Taiwan that will help you penetrate this growing market:

  1. Taiwan is among the 5 most important wine markets in Asia.
  2. France is the top exporter of wine to the Taiwanese market follow by Spain, Chile, Italy, United States and Australia.
  3. Taiwanese consumers have a strong preference for red wine, although recent data points to an increasing interest in white wine.
  4. Emerging group of wine consumers among young urbanites and women
  5. Strong demand for wine by the increasing number of tourists coming from mainland China
  6. Drinking habits changing where most new consumers have already developed a preference for wine
  7. Located in the middle of Asia, Taiwan is easily accessible from all of Asia
  8. Visa exemption for visitors from most Asian countries
  9. Daily direct flights from all the Asian capitals and main cities
  10. Taiwan is ranked 3rd among Asian countries for Purchasing Power Parity (PPA).

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