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April​ 19-20​ 2016
Grand Hyatt, Taipei Taiwan


Ncampelo Wine

Ncampelo Wine

Portugal, Minho Region and Alentejo Region Rua da Fonte Quente, 251 4990-832 Vitorino dos Piães – Ponte de Lima +351 91 415 81 21

In the Minho valleys, embraced by streams of the River Lima, the noble grape variety "Loureiro" is born with all the character of the lands and the people that inhabit them.

We start 22 years ago only as grape producer.

"Valinhas DOC Loureiro" was the first passion of this family project that begin in 2007.  Presently NCampelo Wine has 60 hectares of vineyards in Minho Region and 200 hectares of Vineyards in Alentejo Region. This path drives us to explore other goals, with a clear objective of reaching out to internationally renowned markets, working hard year after year, to elevate the wines excellence and to fulfill all their potential. The market requires other offers, so in partneship with other wine producer from other regions we develop new wines from Lisbon Region and Douro Region.

We are driven by strong passion for wine and for the stubbornness in showing everyone and the world that it is worth working hard to present the Quality that we are so proud of.


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