Global wine meetings Taipei

April​ 19-20​ 2016
Grand Hyatt, Taipei Taiwan


Fabio Cordella Cantine srl

Fabio Cordella Cantine srl

Italy, Puglia Via Esterna Grottella 12-A, Copertino, Italy, 73043 39 3485692193

Fabio Cordella Cantine is proud to offer a diverse wine list. Our wine list reflects popular trends and emerging wine growing regions. Our vision is to preserve and exalt the identity of wine: we think that an excellent wine can be a sort of universal language through which friends can communicate and people, from different cultures and continents, can get closer to each other. Our wines are handcrafted with a commitment to excellence and are typical local wines. They are food driven, focusing on balance and delicacy. Let yourself be amazed…

Featured Products

Tenuta Cambrò

Extra-virgin olive oilFormat: 250ml and 500ml

The oil produced by the Olivicola Giovanni Petito Farm is obtained from the pressing of olives, grown on the same farm in the countryside of Copertino about 15km from the city of Lecce. The farm covers an area of 65 hectares and has over 33,000 olive trees growing the Nociara, Coratina, Leccino and Picholine varieties.

The company has produced extra virgin oil with natural methods for generations. The mix of different olive varieties, combined with the remote traditions and experience of the ancient Cambrò Estate, guarantees the oil’s high quality.

Tenuta Cambrò’s extra virgin olive oil is obtained through its careful production process; from the cultivation of the plants and care of the fruit, to the harvest of the olives which is done by hand, to the processing. The oil is processed in Tenuta Cambrò’s own mill, with centrifuges operating at low temperatures. There is no mechanical filtration, only a simple process of natural filtration. All of which guarantees the quality and genuineness of the oil.

This is the “secret” by which we can obtain an intense fruity oil with an acidity level of no more than 0.3 degrees

The oil marketing is limited to the actual annual output of the company.


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